If you are looking to upgrade an old electrical panel or replace an outdated fuse box, you’re likely going to have questions about the process including how much it will cost and what size of electrical panel you will need. There are a variety of electrical panel size options available and knowing which one is ideal for your home doesn’t have to be complicated.

At Penfold Electric, we understand that not every homeowner wants to know all the details about how their home and the electrical components in it are powered, they just want to be assured it is safe and works efficiently. In this post, we break down the basics of electrical panels for a home and help you answer the question, what size electrical panel do I need? We are here to help make having an efficient and safe home easier.

How Many Amps Is My Electrical Panel?

One of the first things you’ll need to know when looking to upgrade an electrical panel is the current breaker panel size and amps of your panel. This is something that your electrician will ask you when obtaining a quote for an upgrade, and thankfully, the answer is not typically difficult to find out. The total amperage of your panel will be displayed on the unit itself. In most cases, older homes will be 100 amps or possibly even 60 amps for smaller spaces though the standard for modern homes is now 200 amps.

If you have questions or need some help with figuring out how to determine breaker panel size in your home, contact a trusted electrical contractor. They can help you to understand if your electrical panel is an appropriate size for your home and help to troubleshoot any residential electrical issues you may be experiencing such as breakers that trip more often than you’d expect.

How Will I Know If I Need to Upgrade My Electrical Panel?

Larger homes or homes with many appliances that require power will generally need a 200-amp electrical panel. However, sometimes even this larger size panel won’t be enough. To determine what size electrical panel, you’ll need for your home, all of the electrical components within it will need to be considered. If you are considering adding an addition to your home, completing major renovations, or adding features such as a hot tub or even an electric vehicle charger to your home you might also need to upgrade your electrical service panel.

Not all homeowners will need to upgrade their electrical panels. The size of your home and the electrical components you require power to will all play a role in determining what you need. If you haven’t experienced any problems with breakers tripping, there is a good chance your current size panel is appropriate. Always consider the size of your panel when looking to add more electrical components to your home and ask a residential electrician for their expertise when making significant changes to your home and the electrical components within it.

Why Does Getting the Electrical Panel Size Right Matter?

Flickering lights and tripped breakers are an annoying sign of an undersized electrical panel though they aren’t the only issue you should be aware of. An overworked and too small electrical panel also contributes to added risks that you simply don’t need to take in your home. The risk of overheating wires, electrical fires, electrical accidents and even damage to property can all be increased when the electrical panel is not appropriately sized. Don’t take unnecessary risks and always ensure your electrical panel is the right size for the safety of everyone in it.

How Much Does Replacing an Electrical Panel Cost?

There are many variables that can influence the cost of upgrading an electrical service panel in your home. For the most accurate quote, we suggest contacting your trusted, licensed electrician. At Penfold Electric, we can provide a general estimate for electrical service panel upgrades with $1600-3400 being the approximate cost based on whether you are upgrading from a fuse box to a breaker or from a 100A panel to a 200A panel.

Have questions about electrical service panel upgrades or looking for a more detailed quote? The experts at Penfold Electric are here to help. Contact us today and see why we are the trusted electrician Durham Region residents depend on. You can expect tenfold from Penfold Electric.

Author: Brian Penfold

Founded in 1978 by Trevor Penfold, Trevor was dedicated to providing electrical service that was second to none. Backed by his strong will to provide electrical services to the public at a reasonable price, Penfold Electric Ltd was born. Trevor has since taken a step back and handed off operations to his son Brian Penfold but has instilled his core beliefs into him. We are Family owned and Operated and will keep it that way to ensure our beliefs and values to provide exceptional electrical service at a reasonable price remain the same.

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