Smoke/Co2 Detectors Installations

Smoke alarms are vital to the safety of you and your family. They will notify you when sleeping if there is a fire or notify you of a fire in the basement when you are on the second floor. These devices often go overlooked but it is crucial that they are maintained. Smoke alarms now can have the option of Carbon dioxide detection as well. Learn more about where you should install a CO2 detector in your home over on our blog. Carbon dioxide is an odorless non visible gas that if exposed to can cause health problems or death. Carbon dioxide injuries often come from poor ventilation of a home furnace. Always ensure that the ventilation from your furnace is not blocked by any obstacles. Book an appointment with Penfold Electric to ensure your home is up to Fire code so you can sleep soundly knowing you are protected. Expect Tenfold from Penfold Electric!

Smoke/Co2 Detector Cost

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Smoke/Co2 detectors $120.00 Starting at

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Smoke/Co2 Detectors FAQ

Smoke/Co2 detectors should be checked monthly, batteries should be replaced every year and changed out every 10 years.

Battery smoke alarms will notify of a fire but often the case it is too late. If a fire happens in the basement while you are sleeping on the second floor it might be too late before you are aware of the fire. Penfold Electric recommends interconnection of all smoke alarms so if a fire in the basement occurs, you are notified on the 2nd floor