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Residential Service Calls & Troubleshooting

Not sure why your circuit breaker is tripped? No power to some receptacles? Don’t worry, at Penfold Electric Ltd we are electrical experts when it comes to trouble-shooting. Since we have a combined experience of over 60+ years on our team we have seen it all. We get all types of calls ranging from power loss to lighting. There hasn’t been a call to date where we haven’t been able to fix the problem. For whatever electrical problem you are having call the Pros at Penfold Electric Ltd.

Commercial Service Calls & Troubleshooting

If there is an electrical issue with your business you have come to the right place! With over 40+ years in business and a combined 60+ years of electrical experience we have pretty much seen it all. We will solve the problem efficiently, safely, and ensure you are getting a fair price. To loss of power or even an electrical device humming we can help. Our electrical experts can solve the problem fast and have access to suppliers all around the GTA. We can get you up and operating again and make it seem like it never even happened. Hiring Penfold Electric for your electrical repair will give you piece of mind that the job was done correctly and up to all Canadian Electrical Codes. Expect Tenfold from Penfold Electric!

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You can expect Tenfold from Penfold Electric! Specializing in Commercial/Residential/Industrial electrical services, we are dedicated to providing customer service that is second to none including

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Service Call FAQ

Yes! We do after hours calls all the time. We understand electrical issues happen at the worst times and we are here to help.

Breakers that tripped will be in between the “ON” and “OFF” position. To reset, turn the breaker completely “OFF” then back to “ON”. Only attempt once as multiple attempts could damage breaker. If breaker continues to trip contact us at (905) 995-0933 or for a certified electrician.