Surge Protection

House Surge Protector

A spike in voltage from the grid can damage equipment sensitive to voltage fluctuations. These can be your computer,T.V, home entertainment center and more! To prevent this a surge protector can be installed in your Home/Office/ Business to prevent these pieces of equipment from being damaged. What this device does is take a surge in over-voltage and dissipate it to ground saving your electronics from any damage. A U.P.S( Uninterrupted power source ) is another way to protect sensitive equipment. It will also provide temporary power to that device until power is restored. I would recommend both of these pieces of equipment for any Home/Office/Business where loads are voltage sensitive and where power is crucial. Contact Penfold Electric today for a free estimate for installation of these devices and feel secure knowing your valuable electronics are safe. Expect Tenfold from Penfold Electric!

Surge Protector Installation Cost

Service Price Description
Surge Protector $300.00 Installation

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