Make Charging Your EV More Convenient with an In-Garage Charging Setup

Electric vehicles are quickly becoming a top choice for drivers for environmental and cost-effective reasons. With more and more vehicle manufacturers producing PHEV or fully electric vehicles, making the switch from traditional gasoline-powered vehicles has never been easier. Yet one of the biggest concerns people have when considering purchasing an electric vehicle is whether or not they will be able to charge it at home. Fortunately, for many electric vehicle owners, charging at home is not only possible, but it is also very convenient.

At Penfold Electric, we have helped countless customers with the installation of EV wall chargers and know that making the switch to an electric vehicle doesn’t have to be intimidating. In this post, we offer some insight into the most asked questions about EV chargers, including can I charge my electric car in my garage and is it safe to charge electric car in garage. We look forward to helping you feel great about your choice to install a Level 1 or Level 2 charger at your home.

Can I Charge My Electric Car in My Garage?

Charging your electric car in your garage is ideal for many homeowners. In-garage car charging provides a secure and weather-protected location to charge your vehicle. This means that you don’t have to worry about your car being exposed to the elements while it charges, which can be helpful if you live in an area with extreme temperatures or inclement weather. Additionally, having a designated charging station in your garage means that you don’t have to worry about parking your car near a public charging station or having to go out of your way to find one.

To charge your electric car in your garage, you will need to have a charging station installed. There are many different types of charging stations available, with different features and price points to suit a variety of needs and budgets. Some charging stations are designed for indoor use only, while others can be used outdoors as well. When choosing a charging station, it’s important to consider factors such as the size of your garage, the type of vehicle you have, and how quickly you need to charge your car.

Is Charging an Electric Vehicle Inside of a Garage Safe?

When wanting to know can you charge an electric car inside a garage, most homeowners are primarily concerned about safety. Beyond being convenient, charging your electric vehicle inside of a garage is also safe. By having a licensed electrician install your EV charger, you can feel confident that charging your vehicle will be safe and efficient.

What Is the Process of Installing an EV Charger?

Installing a charging station in your garage is typically a straightforward process though it should be completed by a licensed electrician. Our post, Electrify Your Garage: At-Home Charging Solutions For Modern Electric Car Drivers, offers helpful insight into the process of and costs associated with installing an EV Charger. Always keep in mind that rebates and manufacturer promotions can help to offset the cost of an EV Charger.

When a charging station is installed, you can simply plug your car in and let it charge. Most electric cars can be fully charged overnight which means your garage is the perfect place to park your EV and feel confident that you will be ready for a full day of use when you need it. When you’re ready to install an EV charger, the experts at Penfold Electric are here to help. Contact us today and see why you can expect tenfold from Penfold Electric.

Author: Brian Penfold

Founded in 1978 by Trevor Penfold, Trevor was dedicated to providing electrical service that was second to none. Backed by his strong will to provide electrical services to the public at a reasonable price, Penfold Electric Ltd was born. Trevor has since taken a step back and handed off operations to his son Brian Penfold but has instilled his core beliefs into him. We are Family owned and Operated and will keep it that way to ensure our beliefs and values to provide exceptional electrical service at a reasonable price remain the same.

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