Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation

If you are looking to replace your current bathroom exhaust fan or to have a new one installed as part of a bathroom renovation, you will want to ensure that any electrical work required is done by a licensed and certified electrician. By choosing to work with an electrician you ensure that any work completed in your home is done safely and properly, giving you peace of mind.

At Penfold Electric, we have more than 40 years of experience in providing our clients with expert electrical services. We are a family-owned business and genuinely care about our customers. We work hard to ensure your job is always completed correctly, keeping safety our number one priority. We have assisted countless clients with both residential electrical services and commercial electrical services. Contact us today for a quote, you can expect tenfold from Penfold.

Price Description
$450 Supply and Install basic 80cfm exhaust fan. Separate switch not included.
$350 Install exhaust fan supplied by home owner. Separate switch not included.
$620 Supply and Install 80-110 cfm Panasonic Whisper Quiet exhaust fan. Separate switch not included.
$400-$700 Exhaust Fan venting installation. Separate switch not included.

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Bathroom Exhaust Fan FAQ

It is possible to move an existing bathroom fan to a different location and this is common when it comes to renovating a bathroom. We would be pleased to assist you with moving your bathroom fan to a new location within your space.

If you have added a new bathroom to your home there is no doubt that you will require a bathroom exhaust fan for the space. We can assist you with the installation of a bathroom exhaust fan in both finished and unfinished spaces.

The cost to install a bathroom fan can vary based on the style of fan you choose as well as the associated labour costs. We would be pleased to provide you with a quote based on the unique circumstances of your space. Let us help you with your bathroom fan installation at a reasonable cost.