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How to Hide TV Wires When Mounted Over a Brick Fireplace

Having a TV mounted over a fireplace has become a popular option for homeowners who want to make use of their space in a functional and beautiful way. Though a TV over a fireplace is functional and looks great, the wires attached to the TV can be unsightly and distracting. In our previous post, How to Hide TV Wires Behind a Mounted TV, we offered solutions on how to hide wires that take away from the beauty of your space. However, having a brick fireplace can be a complicating factor when it comes to hiding wires.

At Penfold Electric, we have helped countless customers hide wires in their homes behind walls. However, it’s not so simple to hide wires behind brick. When our customers ask us, how to hide TV wires over brick fireplace and mantels, we have some helpful suggestions to make their space look great without having too many wires showing. See our tips below to learn how you can make your space beautiful and practical with minimal wires showing.

How to Hide TV Wires on Brick Fireplace with Paint

Painting brick fireplaces within a home has become a popular trend that can truly transform the way a space looks. When it comes to hiding wires, paint can be a great way to camouflage wires from your TV. Consider running wires along the brick that match the colour of your paint. This is relatively simple to do with black or white fireplaces but can become trickier if you are painting your fireplace a more unique colour. Also, consider using as few wires as possible and keeping them neat and without excess slack can help to reduce the appearance of wires.

How to Hide Wires from TV Above Fireplace with Covers

If you are not intending to paint your fireplace or have painted it a colour that you cannot find wires for, wire covers, or cases can be a great option. Using wire covers allows you to keep your wires neat and tucked away making them less distracting and also having the bonus of being paintable too. Though you cannot paint your TV wires, you can paint wire covers to camouflage or accent your space making the appearance of the wire cases less distracting or even complimentary.

Can I Drill into Brick to Hide Wires?

Though it is possible to run wiring through a brick wall it is not so simple to hide TV wires in a brick wall. You could potentially have a brick façade with wired electrical equipment behind it, though this may not always be an ideal solution. Talk with your licensed and certified electrician to better understand what can safely be done in your space. Remember that trying to DIY wiring is dangerous and could lead to safety concerns. Always leave complex electrical jobs to professionals.

Can an Electrical Outlet Be Placed into Brick?

If you are looking to have an electrical outlet placed on a brick fireplace this may be possible if the mantle is not solid brick. In many cases, brick fireplaces in older homes are solid brick even when the fireplace has been converted into a gas unit. If the brick on the fireplace or mantel is decorative or not solid brick, it may be possible to install an outlet on the brick. If this is possible for your home, it may be simpler to hide your TV wires.

What is The Best Way to Hide Wires from a TV on Brick?

When it comes to hiding wires from a TV on brick, knowing which option is best will depend on your unique circumstances. It may be best to have a residential electrician come to your home and help you determine which option is best. They may be able to offer support with hiding wires or simply have a suggestion to safely reduce the appearance of your TV wires.

If you are looking for support with hiding wires in your home, do not hesitate in reaching out to the experts at Penfold Electric. As a family-owned and operated business, we know that you take pride in your home as we do too. Let us help you make your home more functional and beautiful by hiding wires that don’t need to be exposed. You can expect tenfold from Penfold Electric.

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When Should You Upgrade Your Electrical Panel?

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At Penfold Electric, we have helped countless clients with upgrading their existing electrical equipment such as fuse boxes or old electrical panels in favour of new, upgraded ones. We understand that it may not seem obvious that your electrical panel needs replacing. That’s why we are here to help you make sense of your home’s electrical systems. Below we outline some of the most common reasons why you should consider upgrading your panel as well as offer answers to the most frequently asked questions about panel upgrades.

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When and How to Upgrade Your Old Fuse Box

Older homes are beautiful and often full of timeless architecture and character that simply cannot be replicated in modern homes. Though structurally, you’ll likely want to hold on to the past when it comes to your old home, you’re going to want to bring its electrical components into the future. One of the most important things you can do for your home’s safety is to upgrade your fuse box and replace it with a breaker panel.

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How to Hide TV Wires Behind a Mounted TV

How to Hide TV Wires Behind a Mounted TV

With TVs, cable boxes, gaming systems and soundbars becoming staples in many homes you wouldn’t be alone if you feel as if you have cables and cords coming from every direction. Though we need them, electrical wires can be a bit ugly to look at particularly if your TV is a focal point in your living room. Thankfully, you don’t have to settle for wires here, there and everywhere when it comes to your home entertainment.

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Have you been considering purchasing a generator for your home? When the power goes out, having a generator can allow you to have the comforts you want, but most importantly offer you the protection you need for the people and resources in your home. Extended power outages don’t happen often, but when they do can be quite costly and uncomfortable.