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What is a GFCI Outlet and How Does it Work

Have you ever noticed that some of the electrical outlets in your home look different than the others? If you have ever wondered why that is, we have answers. Some of the outlets in your home may have small buttons located between the electrical outlets while others do not. The electrical outlets with a reset and test button are GFCI outlets and serve an important purpose in your home.

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How Much Does a Generac Generator Cost?

generac generator

Are you considering the installation of a Generac generator for your home or business? Generators are a valuable addition to any home or workplace as it offers you peace of mind that you will have electricity when you need it most. Whether you are simply looking for assurance that your food will not spoil before power is restored or need emergency lighting and electricity for your business, having a backup generator installed is a good idea. But how much does a generator cost? In this article, we will give you valuable information to help you determine how much a generator will cost for you and why it might be a great decision for your home or business.

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How to Install a Chandelier

How to Install a Chandelier

There is no doubt that adding a chandelier to your home can make a huge impact on your space. Not only do chandeliers provide brilliant lighting but they also set the tone of home by adding style and personality to your space. Chandeliers come in a range of styles and though some may be simple to install others can be complicated and come with challenges. Larger chandeliers can be complicated and should generally be left to professionals to install to ensure they are done correctly and safely.

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Electrical Ballast FAQ

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If you’ve ever been in a room or near a sign with fluorescent lighting that seems to be buzzing you’ve likely heard what a failing electrical ballast sounds like. But what is an electrical ballast and why are they important? In this article, we will break down some of the most frequently asked questions about electrical ballasts that you may have including how to know if a fluorescent ballast is bad.