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Have you been considering purchasing a generator for your home? When the power goes out, having a generator can allow you to have the comforts you want, but most importantly offer you the protection you need for the people and resources in your home. Extended power outages don’t happen often, but when they do can be quite costly and uncomfortable.

Knowing which generator size to buy can be a tough call for some homeowners. At Penfold Electric, we are here to help make your decision easier by providing you with answers to some of the most-asked questions about generator sizes and which size is needed to run specific electrical components of your home. For an overall guide to generators see Our Guide and FAQ About Generators. We are always here to help, contact us today to learn more about residential backup generator installation, you can expect tenfold from Penfold Electric.

What Generator Options are Available?

When it comes to generators you generally have two options to choose from. The first option is a portable generator that offers you targeted power for shorter periods of time. This can be a great choice for someone who wants to power one specific appliance or ensure lights are on in specific rooms.

For a more comprehensive backup power solution, a standby generator is a great choice. A standby generator can supply power to an entire home for longer periods of time helping you feel secure and knowing your home will be safe even in the event of an extended power outage. standby generators are not portable and are a more comprehensive solution that requires installation by an electrician.

What Size of Generator do You Need to Run a Refrigerator?

What Size of Generator do You Need to Run a Refrigerator

During a power outage, your refrigerator is likely the appliance that you worry about most. Many homeowners choose to purchase a generator to power their refrigerator to prevent food spoilage and ensure they have access to safe food in the event of an extended outage. A 1000–2000-watt generator should do the trick for powering your refrigerator and may also be able to accommodate another appliance such as your freezer.

What Size of Generator do You Need to Power Air Conditioning?

Many homeowners wonder, what size generator to run ac when shopping for a generator for their home. This question can be tricky as the size of your air conditioner will determine what size of generator you will need. For larger homes with large air conditioners, a 20 KW generator might do the trick. For smaller homes, a 14 KW generator may be appropriate. If you have a large home, it may be worth considering a standby generator to ensure your air conditioner functions optimally even during a power outage.

What Size of Generator Do I Need for My Sump Pump?

What Size of Generator Do I Need for My Sump Pump

Poor weather conditions and power outages often go hand in hand. Those with a sump pump always want to know, what size generator to run sump pump when the power goes out. If you want to ensure your sump pump is running a 2000-watt generator will likely do the trick. If you’d also like to power some lights or small appliances, you may wish to consider a larger option.

What Size of Generator Is Needed to Run a Hot Water Heater?

There aren’t many things that are as unpleasant as a cold shower. For that reason, many homeowners look to have a generator that can power their electric or gas water heater. Electric water heaters will require a larger generator at around 5000-watts. A gas water heater on the other hand will likely only require 1500-watts. For many homeowners having a larger generator will allow them to keep the power on in more spaces and is often the best choice.

What Size Generator Do I Need for My Home?

Portable generators can do the trick in a pinch but are more time-consuming to get going and often cannot provide power to your entire home. If you want a comprehensive solution that provides power to your entire home, a standby generator is your best bet. When you choose to install a standby generator, your electrician will help you choose the right size for your home and needs.

There are many size options available, and a professional is your best bet for ensuring you get the power you need without buying a generator that is too large for your space. We suggest speaking with a certified electrician before choosing a generator.

How Can I Know Which Option Is Best for My Home?

Choosing the right generator option for your home can be a challenge if you aren’t sure what the power requirements of your home are. In order to choose an appropriate generator, it would be a good idea to ask your trusted residential electrician. They can assist you with ensuring you have the appropriate amount of power for your space helping you have appliances and lights on where you need it most.

If you have questions about standby generator installation or other generator installation questions do not hesitate in reaching out to the experts at Penfold Electric. We look forward to helping you discover the ideal backup generator solution for your home.

Author: Brian Penfold

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