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Pool Equipment

Many people are not aware that their existing pool equipment is not safe. Pool equipment can be either a pool pump, pool lights, heater, or even receptacles located with close proximity to pool/spa. One hazard can be these types of equipment are not GFCI protected. A GFCI will trip when it senses leakage current.  This leakage current will not be sensed by a regular breaker potentially causing electrocution hazards. Always test your GFCI breaker every month to ensure proper operation. Another hazard can be no emergency shut off button. This button will kill power to all pumps in the event someone gets trapped underneath. It will also energize a strobe/horn to notify others of the situation. Always hire an electrical contractor to wire your pool equipment.

Pool & Hot Tub Electrical Cost

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Hot Tubs $1,500.00 Starting at

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