Solar Power

Renewable Energy Electrician

Renewable energy can be described as energy that naturally is replenished at a rate that is faster or equal its consumption. It can come in the form as Solar, Wind or Geo-Thermal. These forms of energy are on the rise. Canada is a world leader in the production and use of energy from renewable resources. Renewable energy sources currently provide about 18.9 per cent of Canada’s total primary energy supply. Many Homeowners/Businesses aren’t aware of the rebates installing these systems. Contact Penfold Electric LTD to ensure your installation is a breeze!

Upgrade Service to a 200 Amp/400 Amp Service

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Solar Power

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Service Panel Upgrade FAQ

  • Fuses leave more room for DIY error. When a fuse blows often it is replaced with an incorrect one. Incorrect fuse installation can lead to overheating of cables which is a hazard.
  • A fuse box is not equipped for GFCI's or AFCI's. Ground Fault Circuit Interruptors work to prevent electrocution while Arc Fault Circuit Interruptors are used to prevent fires. Often devices which require this protection go overlooked due to Fuse boxes not having the capability for these safety devices.
  • Fuses are much less convenient. With circuit breakers all that is necessary is a reset when it trips. Fuses can not be reset and require replacement.
  • Capability. Do you find your breaker panel has no more spaces left? An over crowded Panel will leave no room for expansion.
  • Power Consumption. With the installation of additional electrical equipment requires more electricity from the Grid. All these things mentioned draw a lot of power from the grid and often a 100 amp service will not be able to carry these loads.
  • Value. These installations very often make your home more attractive to Buyers and will pay for itself when selling your home.